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 The Wild Jacks, Bounties and beyond.

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PostSubject: The Wild Jacks, Bounties and beyond.   Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:59 pm

Years back and we are talking way back the in the year 2165 a guy named Maxham sat around in his slum, watching the G.N News (Galaxy News) day after day there was nothing but news about how smugglers smuggled contraband across the galaxy news about civilians getting killed just over a nice pair of shoes pirates raiding sector after sector.

He watched this day after day until one day he could take no more, and being an old fighter pilot in his day since the last war, he decided to sell everything he owned even his home he called a slum and with the money he bought enough fuel and provisions to last him a good few years.

So, there he was searching in every corner of space to find the best fighter pilots there is and before long he found himself the best bunch of pilots out there just enough to form the Wild Jacks.

The name Wild Jacks came from his old squadron he once had that had a very high reputation for always getting the job done no matter how impossible it seemed.

By the year 2170 the Wild Jacks became a well organized military corporation pushing there skills to the limits.

By the year 2182 the Wild Jacks name has spread across the galaxy far and wide some run and some fancied there chances only to find that they don’t have a cat in hell’s chance as the Wild Jacks will always finish what they started, many just wished to join the Wild Jacks some had what it takes and some did not.

In the year 2188 the jobs became so high in demand and more life risking the price to hire the Wild Jacks had to be increased, but hey the more risky the job the more they enjoy it right? so not only do these old mercenaries get to enjoy the challenge they always wanted they get paid for it as well and paid dam good as well the lucky war dogs.

So now when old Maxham switch’s on his holovision to watch the news it is now mostly about how the crime rate is dropping and even how the Wild Jacks has bought notorious pirates and smugglers to justice.

So if you ever see a Wild Jack fly by say high once in a while or even if you see one in a bar offer him a drink or if you are a criminal cross your fingers it’s not you on their list.
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The Wild Jacks, Bounties and beyond.
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